If you're anything like me and you are reading this, your inner fire is about to be ignited.​ There was a point in my life where I was a single mom, taking care of two babies, working a full-time job all while having to figure out ways to stretch my paycheck for gas, food and basic bills to keep a roof over our head.​

All I  ever wanted was more time with my kids and stress less about money.  I just needed an opportunity and I KNEW I would give it my all to make the best of it.​ Fast forward, after meeting my husband life was finally what I knew it could be. 

So, the opportunity finally presented itself and I decided to take a leap of faith to change direction in my professional life because I still desired in my heart to work with women and make them feel beautiful.After nearly 10 years of a healthy and happy marriage the unthinkable happened.  My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and after only a year and a half, he lost his battle and passed away.

As you can imagine this was a tremendous shock to me as a wife and my two sons who he raised like his own.Now it was time to create a foundation for myself and my children. In turn I was able to give women like you something that gives you confidence and empowers you to become more independent than you've ever been.​The emotional impact I started to make validated that I was walking in my purpose.  I knew in order to receive a blessing I must be a blessing so I started focusing on giving women like me an opportunity.​What you have here is a full platform with tools and resources to become the best version of yourself.  ​

XOXO, Bianca Davis