Powder Brows is a form of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo) where pigment is implanted under the surface of the skin with a machine. This technique is meant to create a soft, powdery makeup look. By brushing and inserting pigment into the skin, we build the pigment layer by layer producing a gradient of color from dark to medium to light. This service is great for those who prefer bold looking brows, those with oily skin and cover up or correction. Those with previous eyebrow tattoo or Microblading must email a photo for approval prior to scheduling a service. Powder Brows is also known as Shading, Ombré, Ombré powder and you can find endless examples of our work on IG @wedobrows in the bio highlights.

Powder Brow Facts:

  • Soft Powder or “makeup” look
  • Great for all skin types
  • Great for those with no hair
  • Great for cover up or corrections
  • Lasts 1-3 years
  • No scarring


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