60 min professional organic teeth whitening session

The ADA describes "whitening" as any process that will make teeth appear whiter, using one of two ways. A product can bleach the tooth, therefore changing the natural tooth color. A bleach contains peroxide that helps remove deep and surface stains. However, a non-bleaching whitening product contains substances that help remove surface stains only.


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Who may benefit from teeth whitening?

Most beneficial Moderately beneficial Not recommended
  • Darkening of teeth with age
  • Age spots
  • Yellow or orange spotting on teeth caused by coffees, teas, berries and other foods, or smoking
  • Teeth with healthy tooth enamel
  • Gray or brown stains caused by excessive intake of fluoridated water (fluorosis)
  • Dark stains caused by smoking and brown or gray stains from the use of certain medicines
  • Overly-sensitive teeth
  • Persons with a gum or mouth disease (periodontal disease or oral cancer)
  • Persons with worn tooth enamel
  • Persons with tooth decay