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In this course you will be learning all about Saline Tattoo removal and how to properly educate your clients as to why and when it's needed.

This course is not product specific, meaning it teaches you universal techniques you can use with any saline product of your choosing.

At J'adore we use A+OCEAN removal solution and if you choose to use the same solution you may purchase it in our online shop. I'm so excited for you to start offering saline removal as a new service in your studio!

Our Online Training is designed for NEW and EXISTING artists. We are going to jump deep into tons of valuable information.

Our online training is not only easy to watch but it's also easy to understand. All pieces are broken down into various chapters and lessons so that you can go at your own pace and have every question answered.

I am going to take you through the entire process step by step so that you can MASTER the removal technique.
As you work through your lessons, you will find a variety of videos, downloadable content and other reference material, such as consent forms, aftercare protocols, and a supply list.

Everything that you need to get started will be covered and provided so that you can be successful.

Welcome to J'adore Brows Pro Studio and Academy

Course Details



• Welcome
- What to Expect from this training
- Do you need a kit?

• Work Safely
- Cross Contamination
- Disposal of Waste
- Station Setup
- Disassembling

• Skin Anatomy
- Skin Layers & Functions
- Tattoos & Skin
- Contraidications

• Machine Theory
- Machine Theory
- Needles
- Needle Length
- How to use your J'adore Machine

• Before & After the Procedure
- Meeting Your Client
- Station Setup
- Numbing

• Let's Get Started
- Color Correction vs. Removal
- Types of Removal
- Saline vs. Laser Removal
- Pros & Cons of Saline Removal
- Facts
- What type of Tattoo can saline remove?
- How does Saline Removal work broken down?
- Let's talk Technique
- How does your Client Prepare?

• The Removal Process
- The Details
- Pass Variations
- Pricing & Sessions
- Aftercare

• Demo
- Full Live Demo


Bianca the owner of J’adore Brows Pro Studio and Academy.  I am a mom, wife, entrepreneur, content creator, educator and beauty enthusiast. Seven years ago I fell in love with microblading, was it scary, yes it was, but it was love at first sight or should I say first brow.  However, I didn’t know how much more I could actually fall in love with everything around it. It gives me instant gratification. It’s like a HIGH to get to make other women feel more beautiful, more confident, and even more accomplished because my clients feel like it’s one less thing to do in the morning.  It gives me variety. I feel like I can take my focus in this industry into any direction I want to drive it into. Whether I want to sit in the chair and do brows, or teach others how to become artists and help them build their business, or pack orders for the online store.All I am saying is that I never looked back and when you start with one thing there are so many more things to learn and grow into.Since starting I have grown from being a PMU to educator and content creator. I love certifying newbies into this industry, the beginning is so exciting.  You will never be limited.Moral of the story: if you love it , do itXOXO, Bianca


-1 Year unlimited access


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