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The Li-FT® Pigment Lightening & Removal Class is the number one ranked and most referred saline removal course in the industry today. It is in-depth, detailed, easy to understand, and allows techs to put this knowledge and training straight to work.

This saline tattoo lightening/removal course will teach you how to safely and effectively lighten and remove unwanted pigment/ink for both permanent makeup, microblading, smp and body tattoos using a safe and effective hypertonic saline lightening solution.

Teryn has been doing removal for over 14 years using both machine and the hand tool method. She incorporates many different techniques depending on the area and the situation. Several years ago, with much trial and error she developed and is accredited with two new techniques that impacted the permanent makeup industry profoundly. She developed the technique to safely remove a migrated eyeliner and the technique to remove freshly done PMU procedures she named “Emergency Removal.” Both techniques are now highly respected and used all over the world.

The ability to perform saline lightening and removal procedures has become a necessary tool and skill of the PMU artist. With this course you will have the ability and skill set needed to help those who need it most by lightening and removing bad work. Saving faces…there is no better feeling than that.

Welcome to J'adore Brows Pro Studio and Academy

Course Details



Course Highlights
This class includes but not limited to:
• A Three Hour, Detailed Theory Portion that is all video, NO SLIDES. The theory portion is super engaging, exciting and full of detailed education. You will not fall asleep with my theory portion!

• How and Why Saline Works to remove pigment and ink

• How to properly execute the Circular and Pointillism Movements

• Needles - An in-depth overview of needles and how to choose the right needle for each case

• Needles - How to Inspect Your Needle

• Dark Skin and Hyper-pigmentation

• Pigment Particle Size and How They Affect the Saline Process

• All About Titanium
• ”Emergency Removal” remove a freshly done procedure!
• Proper Tray Set Up
• Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Machine Tutorial
• Setting Your Power Box Numbers to the right speed
• A Full Procedure Video of Teryn Removing a Solid Eyebrow
• A Full Procedure Video of Teryn Removing a Migrated Eyeliner
• A Full Procedure Video of Teryn Removing a Body Tattoo
• A Full Procedure Video of Teryn performing an "Emergency Removal"
• Client After Care
• Healing, Recovery and Discoloration of the Skin
• Client Forms
• Detailed Downloadable PDF Handout
• Certificate of Attendance
• Membership to our Facebook Support Board


Bianca the owner of J’adore Brows Pro Studio and Academy.  I am a mom, wife, entrepreneur, content creator, educator and beauty enthusiast. Seven years ago I fell in love with microblading, was it scary, yes it was, but it was love at first sight or should I say first brow.  However, I didn’t know how much more I could actually fall in love with everything around it. It gives me instant gratification. It’s like a HIGH to get to make other women feel more beautiful, more confident, and even more accomplished because my clients feel like it’s one less thing to do in the morning.  It gives me variety. I feel like I can take my focus in this industry into any direction I want to drive it into. Whether I want to sit in the chair and do brows, or teach others how to become artists and help them build their business, or pack orders for the online store.All I am saying is that I never looked back and when you start with one thing there are so many more things to learn and grow into.Since starting I have grown from being a PMU to educator and content creator. I love certifying newbies into this industry, the beginning is so exciting.  You will never be limited.Moral of the story: if you love it , do itXOXO, Bianca


-1 Year unlimited access


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